Ad and Postcard Illustrations

Herr Menig Optik – Illustrations by Philipp Zurmöhle

These postcard and ad designs are a very nice style. I like the colors in these designs. Since he is a graphic designer he knows about colors. I took a graphic design class and we learned a lot about what colors work together. I just found these pieces of work to be pleasant to look at.


Swarm Photography

Artist Thomas Jackson Suspends Swarms of Objects Mid-Air for His “Emergent Behavior” Series

The artist Thomas Jackson puts together these pictures with hidden mechanisms that hold the objects in place. When I first saw them I thought that they were edited in photoshop. I think that this idea is very innovative. My favorite one would probably be the containers at the beach or the solo cups in the hills.

Light Cycles

Light Cycles: Bicycle Wheels Rigged with LEDs Create Tron-Like Light Trails

Film maker Mike Gamble and vfx creator Tom Wood came up with the idea of putting LED lights on mountain bikes. The made short gif’s with the footage that they got and also put together a short video. I think this is a very smart idea and I really like the outcome. I am excited to work on gif’s in class.


I looked up cubism artists for my cubism project. I particularly liked Gorges Braque. This was one of my favorite pieces from him. I am going to try to use his style of cubism in my self portrait. I like how he overlays the different parts of the pice and makes them lighter in the face. Also I love the diagonals that he uses and I want to use his style in my cubism project.